The Avery Dining Room - CODAworx

The Avery Dining Room

Client: Related California

Location: San Francisco, CA, United States

Completion date: 2019

Project Team


Michael Curry

Michael Curry Mosaics

Principal Designer


Clodagh Design

interior designer

Karin Bostanci

Clodagh Design

interior designer

Eliana Lee

Clodagh Design


This shimmering 4′ X 10′ glass mosaic wall sculpture was created for the private dining room of The Avery, Related California’s 56 story glass tower in San Francisco. 8,352 pieces of hand silvered, hand cut glass form the tessellated, lenticular blocks which are bronze when viewed from the left, but transition into gold on the right. The same color transformation occurs from top to bottom, adding to the dramatic, kinetic energy of the piece.


The Avery's interiors were designed by iconic designer, Clodagh. Having created similar works for Clodagh on past projects, we knew that this particular design would be ideal for the luxe, crystalline textures she was incorporating into the dining room of the level 33 sky lounge. Custom fit for the main back wall, the piece is situated alongside floor to ceiling windows and its interaction with the abundance of natural light brings dramatic transformations throughout the day. This helps to achieve the overall goal of beautifying the space with a tranquil energy infused with a bit of glam.


I met with Clodagh's team to determine the ideal dimensions and details of the mosaic. As the design has a dark side (bronze) and a light side (gold), we needed to address the question of which side should face the window. Because of all of the natural light in the room, we determined that facing the dark side towards the window would bring the greater sense of balance to the piece. After 4 weeks of production, the four modular panels were custom crated and shipped to San Francisco for installation.