The Act of Stillness - CODAworx

The Act of Stillness

Submitted by Black Unicorn Collective


Client: TED

Location: Whistler, Canada

Completion date: 2015

Artwork budget: $5,000

Project Team


Mary Edmonds

Black Unicorn Collective


The Act of Stillness, is a metaphor for the pursuit of the creative process. Ironically, stillness often leads to some of our greatest creative movement. We intentionally conceived a simple, low-tech installation at a busy, connected conference to remind us that we can claim moments of reflection and allow great ideas to flow even in our fleeting, busy lives. The Act of Stillness invites the viewer to enter, slow down and encourage that flow.


To create a space that invited participants to enter and find stillness, inspiring conversation, a place to relax during a very busy conference.


The dome was fashioned from PVS pipes that were spray painted black. Once set up, the dome walls were covered with black yarn. During the conference, attendees began to bring in materials, pillows, balls...ways to explore silence, connection and creativity.

Additional Information

This dome went on to be installed at TEDxMtHood 2015 at Revolution Hall in Portland, OR.