4th District Court of Appeals - CODAworx

4th District Court of Appeals

Client: State of Florida

Location: West Palm Beach, FL, United States

Completion date: 2018

Artwork budget: $63,000

Project Team


Roberto L. Delgado

Roberto L. Delgado, Inc.


José R. Calderón

José R. Calderón


2018 Title: Light of Justice; Travertine sculpture and ceramic tile paver work for the 4th District Court of Appeals, West Palm Beach (Lee Modica lee@leemodica.com 850- 766-7117); $63K. The sculpture 18' tall was made by José R. Calderón. The pathway in the court plaza has 30 foot-square ceramic pavers in the shape of world historical motifs. Within these are are some 80 silkscreened photos of West Palm Beach history and culture. These were made by Roberto L. Delgado.


We are professional fine artists specializing in mixed-media public art design, fabrication, and installation. All art fabrication is done in-house, at our respective studios. Our interest in public art is to expand the combination of diverse techniques in hand-brushed acrylic, fired ceramic tile, carved stone sculpture, in ways that complement the environment and show the culture and history of the community and natural environment. The importance was to present a sculpture that used the sun of the thickness of the travertine. In the pavers, it was simply to show world motifs (Qing Dynasty bat; Toltec butterflies) and images of West Palm Beach history.


With the sculpture, the normal interplay between the artist and the general contractor and local & federal codes. With the pavers, back and forth to reach consensus on historical photos. West Palm Beach was the traditional slave area of Palm Beach, and was an important part of the Civil Rights Movement.