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Texas wildflowers in the Serengeti

Submitted by Gini Garcia

Client: Mays Residence

Location: San Antonio, TX, United States

Completion date: 2011

Artwork budget: $100,000

Project Team


gini garcia

garcia art glass, inc.




This commission project was created for a large window in a formal living room void of color. It measures 20'long x 7'high x 12″.


There were no real goals in integrating the art. She, along side Ladybird Johnson were responsible for beautifying the State of Texas with a huge array of wildflowers. The client really wanted my interpretation of wildflowers with a mention of the Serengeti. The rest of the living room area is neutral in color making this the focal point as you are in the seating area facing the window and looking out to the pool. We worked for months to determine the language. We spent time looking through books and selecting the ones she wanted to be represented in blown glass. Her husband's love for the Serengeti allowed us to insert tiger tails racing through the landscape.


The best part of commission projects is the opportunities to get to know my clients. I get a rare change to go into their minds and hearts to see what inspires them. The collaborative effort begins after a series of questions and the lengthy discussion of many subjects. This process should never be cut short. As it unfolds I get a once in a lifetime opportunity to create from another's soul.