Tetra - CODAworx



Location: Fort Lauderdale, FL, United States

Completion date: 2024

Project Team

Design & Technical Direction, Creative Coding

Hugo Laliberté


Design & Technical Direction, Creative Coding

Jonathan Jeanson


Creative Coding

Charles-Éric Gandubert


Interactive Sound Design

David Drouin



TETRA is an exploration of a tactile interaction and a poetic representation of the different forces surrounding us. By capturing the strength of touch in retro-projected spandex pieces, audiovisual content is generated, modulated and destroyed by the public. The interactors are elevated to the role of creators, in a mission of solving the abstraction of a cosmic universe.

The piece consists of a prism of 4 retro-projected spandex screens on which the public is invited to apply force. The visuals are then immediately modified and a rich custom-built synthesizer is modulated in direct correlation to the current interactor’s movements. Each side has its own unique physical forces influencing all the other ones, as a reminder of the forces of the universe.


TETRA is the spiritual sequel to OZONE, a previous installation exploring the physical forces of the universe. As our philosophy is based on combining multiple technologies in order to create collaborative and collective experiences, our goal was to scale it up, both in size and number of screens to allow multiple persons from the audience to interact together. As the main interaction is based on creating forces by applying pressure on the spandex screens, we designed this new version to facilitate multi-users interaction with this new scale so that their results could add up and interact together in new, majestuous ways, reminding them of the great vastness of the universe.