Tessellation Constellation - CODAworx

Tessellation Constellation

Client: Facebook

Location: Austin , TX, United States

Completion date: 2019

Artwork budget: $25,000

Project Team


Austin, Texas Facebook Offices


Art Consultant


Math and geometry as well as nature inspire the forms I create. For each work I design a system that directs the way a form builds upon itself catalyzing organic growth. I think in 3D. Using geometric rules as a starting point, my intuitive sense of balance guides the form to evolve in the way that plants, cells, planets, and people gather and scatter in the world. The individual groupings of Tessellation Constellation against the deep blue wall appear as an alluring galaxy of stars.


The overall shape of these geometric structures follows a tessellated pattern of triangles and squares. The constraints of this system inspire a complex world built out of simple components. My work reflects that our universe is composed from similar systems on both the cellular level and the galactic scale. These flowing forms evoke the beauty of patterns and systems that are all around us.