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Terratechnologia, Colorado State University Technology Building

Submitted by Andy Harding

Client: Colorado State University

Location: Pueblo, CO, United States

Completion date: 2024

Artwork budget: $104,000

Project Team


Andy Harding

Andy Harding Art

3D Designer

Alex Kimball

Colorado State University


This suspended light sculpture was created for Colorado State University’s newly renovated Technology Building. The 25x25x15′ installation is composed of carved wood forms attached to geometric steel structures with led fixtures and translucent dichroic polycarbonate panels.
When the faculty, students, and staff encounter this installation, they experience the wonder of walking into a suspended high tech zen garden where minimal elements come together to form a tranquil yet thought- provoking environment. Disparate materials combine to form balanced arrangements within each individual sculpture as well as in the collective. The hard-lined geometry of the steel structures contrasts with the soft curves and organic forms of the warm wood. In addition, the soft white glow emanating from light rods is transformed by the ever-changing dichroic panels that present a different color with every movement of the viewer and casts shadows as well as prismatic reflections of light upon the walls and floors of the space.


The goals were to visually represent the programs in the building and relate to the themes of "inner workings" and "convergence" that were established for the overall interior design. The structures were drawn from diagrams found in a mechanical engineering handbook. The Tech building is a place where where concepts become reality and the knowledge conveyed within its walls has real-world applications. These sculptures call to mind that pursuit. The diagrams have leapt from the page and manifest themselves as tangible objects in real time and space.


Initially, I worked with my 3D designer to create renderings for each sculpture and locate those sculptures within the architectural rendering provided by the architects. The Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade was the administrative liaison on this project. They connected me with the right people to answer any questions I had and facilitated the contract and other legal documents associated with the project. I had several meetings with the design team led by Hunter Stephenson of Hord Coplan Macht to discuss the scale, placement, and specific material/finish choices for the installation. After placements were finalized, we determined where blocking would be needed in the walls and finalized anchor points in the ceiling. We also coordinated with the electrical engineer to determine where to locate power within the walls and ceiling as well as the load for each fixture. There were follow-up meetings to confirm hardware for the ceiling anchor points, electrical wiring gauge/color/type, and access points for lifts into the building.