tender exchanges

Submitted by Lorrie Fredette


Client: San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art

Location: San Jose, CA, United States

Completion date: 2018

Project Team


Lorrie Fredette


Cathy Kimball

San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art


Networks. We often see their paths via maps, aerial views and the abundance of visualized data. We have a family network. We have peer networks such as work, clubs, and friends. We are all familiar with computer networks, the ability to manage and share information at work, at home, with community, etc. Our physiology is networked, too, sharing similar theories, pathways, and vocabulary. Working within the function of organisms and how they are “connected” at the microscopic level, this site-specific installation is foundationally informed by the neuron structure of the human brain, tree root systems, and the fungus (mycorrhizal) network.