TEMPUS FUGIT (Time Flies) - CODAworx


Client: Billingsley Co Developers

Location: Dallas, TX, United States

Completion date: 2019

Project Team

Industry Resource

Tinin Quintin

Curvados Quintin

Industry Resource

Iñigo Doherco



Painted Steel
Thickness of the plate 1 inch
Cut with high resolution plasma
Manual grinding of all edges.
Special paint treatment, basically zinc, epoxy and piliurethane.
14.5 meters x 3.5 meters x 3.5 meters
My client had four antique bells of great value stored, her desire, to create a sculpture in the bell tower mode, should be the emblematic element in the recreation area of ​​their CYPRESS WATERS urban complex.


My proposal is a structure that puts in value the 4 bells as protagonists. Bells are in a two-foot structure and an envelope membrane collaborating in portability.
The skin has the word TIME written in every languages ​​worldwide.
Thinking on time, wich rules the music of the bells and makes us think of the present moment, Tempus Fugit, Time Flies. It uses all the world's languages ​​to express universal values. GOALS:
Creation of an exciting place. Efficient integration with the environment, climate, history, uses of the place, etc. Project an image of the city that is contemporary and prestigious. Generate pride in the citizens, admiration in the visitors, an image of a city that speaks directly with the world. Search for beauty and elegance. Ennoble our habitat, create environments where life is a pleasure. Aesthetic emotion
Milestones where the city recognizes itself and is part of its identity.
Approach and cohesion in the communities. Humanize spaces and endow singularity. Public art as a trace of the human being, characteristic of an elevated plane, of a city that advances safely.


Since the beginning of the project I have felt protected by my client, Billingsley Co. I have had the confidence and freedom that art lovers know how to give. I have been aware of the project what has made it possible for my proposal to be an active element in the development of this area of ​​CYPRESS WATERS. The sculpture was made in the Basque Country for my own convenience and then moved in a single piece on deck by ship. For a piece of these dimensions is a boldness worthy of mention. The installation was carried out by the developer, as well as the flooring and landscaping. A pleasure to work with them.

Additional Information

TEMPUS FUGIT Time flies, escapes, fugues... The Sound rules the Time, it makes it evident. Time, our good, the only asset. The voice "time" written in all the languages of the world, surrounds, wraps and sustains four bells which with their sound mark the present, present that leaves.