Temple Anam Cara - CODAworx

Temple Anam Cara

Submitted by Obsydian Studios

Client: Private

Location: Los Angeles, CA, United States

Completion date: 2023

Project Team

Lead Artist

Ivan Mora

Obsydian Studios


Sydney Duarte & Treazy Treaz

Duarte Designs


Celtic Light Fund


An Aztec Step Pyramid Holding A Celtic Tree Of Life, As A Reference To Our Collective Ancestral Heritages. With a Tree Sculpture Emerging From The Temple Roof, In Celebration Of The Cultural Connections Shared Through Our Love For Mother Gaia. The Base Sanctuary and Ceremony Room Is Adorned By High Vibration Murals that honor Indigenous wisdom from around the World – welcoming all To Offered Ceremonial Experiences. This Sculpture Is A Creation In Honor Of The Indigenous Wisdom Embraced By The Creators Of Temple Anam Cara, a Shared Expression Of Love Of Community, Life And Earth.

Dimensions 54ft (w) x 54ft (d) x 32ft (h) – Mural painted Wood panels for the walls, Metal infrastructure for the Pyramid, Stainless Steel Tree of Life with Glass + Rose Quartz pieces within. The exterior is clad in over 30,000 high lumen output, warm white LEDs.

An array of activations, sound ceremonies, yoga, storytelling within the walls of the pyramid. We welcome all.


Temple Anam Cara stands as a testament to the enduring essence of our ancient wisdom traditions. In creating this structure, we celebrate the universal themes that transcend cultural boundaries, inviting all seekers to explore and embrace the profound interconnectedness of the human experience. We are all from one source, and this artworks aims to reconnect us with each other, with our human and earth nature. We hope this haven at Black Rock City (Burning Man) in the playa will foster connection, showcase spiritual wisdom and evoke a sense of spirit that is within us all.


A team of 21 diverse artists in the creation space of Installation, Architecture, Production, Sound, Spirituality and Performing Arts - that manifested this pyramid to life. With a team of local wood and metal fabricators from around California and artists from Australia and Singapore.

Together, we created a piece to celebrate the many ancient cultures in our collective ancestries - and the shared connections of our Soul Friends that have guided and inspired deeper connections to the universe.

As an immersive/interactive structure, this creation of elemental Earth materials such as wood, metal and glass makes up the piece, adorned by references to collective indigenous ancestors.

The core of this temple is illuminating a common thread as a root system that binds our humanity and community, and supports all cultures and the more-than-human-world to one another; in the hope of rising together to collectively usher in a more harmonious future.