Submitted by Iñaki Sáiz


Client: Tempe Inditex

Location: Elche, Spain

Completion date: 2016

Project Team


Iñaki Martínez




Sculpture in lacquered iron in bright red and black
Measures 300x150x210cm


Sculpture created by order for Tempe, company responsible for footwear and accessories of the Inditex group. The client wanted a representative sculpture of the brand that would impact the lobby of the office building.
The artist did not want a realistic work and thought then to create a visual game that depended on the angle of vision. From the entrance it seems that it is a vegetal decoration of reeds on a sheet of water. But already inside and in front, the work is clearly defined as a slender red stiletto.

Additional Information

The initial color of the base was silver mirror finish, to highlight the reflection of the red tubes. However, once the work was installed, it was decided to change it to glossy black, a color that proved to bring elegance and strength to the whole and facilitated its integration into space.