Tampa Westshore Hilton Lobby - CODAworx

Tampa Westshore Hilton Lobby

Submitted by Casey Blanchard


Client: Tampa Westshore Hilton

Location: Tampa Bay, FL, United States

Completion date: 2016

Project Team


Casey Blanchard

Art Consultant

Christine Provine

SOHO Myriad


Blanchard was commissioned for the Tampa Westshore Hilton lobby renovation project. The project includes two of her images. The selected images were divided into four panels. Each panel is 37″ H x 25″ W. The pieces are giclee on canvas.


As part of the overall renovation of the Tampa Westshore lobby, Blanchard's work was selected to define the key public space adjacent to the main elevators. The unique presentation of her selected pieces serve to highlight this space. The color palette and organic elements lend well to the Florida coastal location of this Hilton brand hotel. The art chosen carries these themes into the hotel's built environment.


SOHO Myriad worked directly with the Tampa Westshore Hilton. They assisted in the selection of artwork, choosing Blanchard's pieces for the lobby location. They also chose to print on canvas and divide the work into four different panels. The artist was brought into the project after the selections were made.