The Bench Project

Submitted by Susan Gott


Client: City of Tampa & Seminole Heights Neighborhood Association

Location: Tampa, FL, United States

Completion date: 2017

Artwork budget: $25,000

Project Team


Susan Gott

Phoenix Studio Inc.

Industry Resource

Mark Naugle

Steward-Mellon Terrazzo Inc.


The Bench Project combines traditional Terrazzo forming techniques mixed with handmade glass inclusions. The benches are constructed using concrete, steel reinforcement, glass, and stucco. Each bench is individual in dimension dependent on the design. The “Naiad of the Spring” bench is 17in x 42in x 90in. The “Canoe Bench” is 17in x 18in x 78in.


"Naiad of the Spring" and "Canoe Bench" are Art Glass and Terrazzo benches created for two parks in the City of Tampa, along "The Perimeter Trail". It was the result of a successful project to combine the ancient craft of Terrazzo with Contemporary Art Glass and create benches for local parks. Funding for the Bench Project was made possible by an Artist Grant from the Arts Council of Tampa, The City of Tampa, The Seminole Heights Neighborhood Association, private donations through and the generous collaborative efforts of Steward-Mellon Terrazzo Company.
These benches provide a place to rest, observe and enjoy the beautiful Hillsborough River and adjacent springs in the City of Tampa


All of the hand made glass inclusions were individually handmade to fit the element of design for each bench. The glass elements were then given to Steward-Mellon Terrazzo Inc. for final placement in the bench form. Once the glass elements were set in place, concrete Terrazzo was then cast into the form. A final polish of the concrete and glass finished the project and readied it for installation.

Additional Information

This project was funded in part by The Tampa Hillsborough Arts Council, The City of Tampa, Steward-Mellon Terrazzo Inc., The Green Artery, The Seminole Heights Neighborhood Association and numerous private donations.