Talking Heads - CODAworx

Talking Heads

Submitted by Oleg Lobykin


Location: Burning Man, NV, United States

Completion date: 2019

Artwork budget: $550,000

Project Team


Oleg Lobykin


Kimberly Carlton


Talking Heads is an 18-ft high abstract sculpture, a spatial composition based on a balance between negative and positive space in conjunction with a line that can create an image or point of reference to spark imagination.
Mirror polished stainless steel provides interactive multi reflections. Some may prefer looking at an object, while others like looking through the object. Maybe everyone lives in different realities, physical and virtual. Talking Heads can show the power of imagination to lead us into a metaphysical and magical experience of metamorphosis.


Create interactive abstract art work with multiplicity of meanings and spark viewer's imagination.

Additional Information

Talking Heads reflects the Burning Man festival in Black Rock City, NV.