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Tale of the Tongs

Submitted by Travis Price

Client: County Mayo, Ireland

Location: Inishturk Island, Ireland

Completion date: 2013

Artwork budget: $125,000

Project Team


Travis Price FAIA

Travis Price Architects


Catholic University of America School of Architecture



The project was built in 9 days on the remote Island of Inishturk,County Mayo, Ireland to celebrate the gathering of the 6 clans. It is stainless steel, glass, and local stone. 200SF


In 2013, ARCHITECT Travis Price and his students from The Catholic University of America designed an architectural installation on the island of Inishturk in Ireland. The studio, Spirit of Place, explores the connection between culture, landscape and the unique history of its inhabitants.Travis Price explains, “Bringing back meaning into modern architecture of the 21st century.” In 9 days, the students built a memorial on this remote island interweaving the construction with profiles of the people who live there. Spirit of Place provides insight into EMERGING CULTURAL LANDSCAPE OF MODERN architecture.
The project won a major AIA design award in the US in 2o13 and just won best municipal project in the year for all over Ireland. Most importantly it won the hearts of all those on the island. So successful was it that it won a major AIA design award in the US and just won best municipal project in the year for all over Ireland.
Architects, dancers, artists, craftsmen, film makers, local priests, local owners, and public officers gathered as a team from poetic beginnings to culmination.


The Spirit of Place Expeditions (SpiritofPlace-Design.com) is a full collaboration between architectural students, professors, architectural professionals, local craftsmen, neighbors, and an array of public officials. It always includes local musicians, dancers, poets, bards, and odd characters are most welcome. At heart is a legacy marker in a modern idiom in a large collaborative process.

Additional Information

A major 1 hr documentary film is currently under release to several film festivals titled " Tale of the Tongs". It sold out at the Washington DC Environmental Film Festival in March 2014. It is under consideration by the National Geographic Society and the Telluride Mountain Film Festival as well. A book was published last year on 19 years of these explorations from Peru, to Finland, Nepal, Ireland, Italy, and British Columbia. " The Mythic Modern".