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Take Flight Gallery

Submitted by Distinctive Art Source

Client: Dayton Children's Hospital

Location: Dayton, OH, United States

Completion date: 2017

Project Team


Dayton Children's Hospital

Art Consultant

Distinctive Art Source




Champlin Architecture

Interior Designer

Champlin Architecture

Industry Resource

Carpenter Design, Graphics

Artist / Industry Resource

Roto Studios, Dragonflyer, Interactive Wall, Sculptural Bench Design & Fabrication


Creative Machines, Ball Machine


Amri Studio, Donor Wall


Terry Welker

Welker Studios, Ceiling Sculpture


Dayton Children’s Hospital, visualized their commitment of care through the Take Flight Gallery, the new experiential entrance to the hospital. This three story space soars with possibilities as visitors are filled with wonder, allowing imagination, hopes, and dreams to fly freely in this healing space. Architecture defined the soaring space, while art and technology continued the experience with the inclusion of monumental scaled interactive experiences. Poised for flight in her prairie home, Dragonflyer lifts off over whimsical grasses, sculptural benches, and a prairie themed donor-wall. Each element works together to create a cohesive visual experience.


Through artful interaction, a myriad of experiences takes the visitor on a wonder-filled journey, with thoughtful attention given to accessibility, noise levels and timing. Experience was everything. The design of the Take Flight gallery was a collaborative effort that began in administration and carried through the collaborative design team including architects, designers, art consultants, fabricators, wayfinding, and experienced experts. The team collaborated to visually and whimsically interpret the “Things that Fly” theme in a decidedly-Dayton manner that interactively engages patients and parents. Seamless integration of the DCH brand in all things visual — art, graphics, wayfinding and donor recognition — was paramount.


The Take Flight Gallery design was owner driven. DCH challenged the multidiscipline design team at every turn to see through the eyes of their patients and families. Creating a space that was not only welcoming but that would create experiences and memories for families that were separate from the healthcare portion of their visits. DCH wanted to celebrate the community by providing a space in which they could experience hope, joy and whimsy. Throughout design development the multidisciplinary design team met to share concepts, ideas and possibilities to create a seamless experience that was rooted in Dayton history (flight and innovation) while ensuring it was executed and installed by local studios/fabricators. Distinctive Art Source shared owner’s thoughts on an interactive sculptural element with Roto Studios who through their creative team proposed the Dragonflyer design, a whimsical creature who was a mashup between the Wright B Flyer and a dragonfly. Upon approval of design, DAS worked with Roto Studios, DCH, and the design team to test multiple interactive experiences in order to determine which would be best for their patients, all the while being customized to support their Things that Fly design theme.

Additional Information

This could not have happened without open collaboration between all disciplines. The willingness to contribute, change, and enhance design elements throughout the design and creation process between design teams and artists made this an unprecedented experience for all.