T Formula - CODAworx

T Formula

Submitted by Barbara Idzikowska

Client: Hempel Glass Museum

Location: Nykøbing Sjælland, Denmark

Completion date: 2015

Project Team


Marcin Litwa


Piotr Micek

Art Consultant

Susanne Jøker Johnsen


Barbara Idzikowska


A series of regular geometric solids – created of clear glass – arranged against the background of ancient tapestries. The walls of the glass blocks suspended in the space are openwork – handmade of glass stringers or rods, kiln-fused into meshes, cut with a diamond saw and then connected with stainless steel wire. Block dimensions vary between 95 cm and 30 cm


The solid of a regular tetrahedron consists of four identical walls that are equilateral triangles.
Each wall consists of three identical elements in a mirror arrangement.
Each element is made of glass rods arranged in the form of a delicate truss.
Through the triangular cut-outs in each of the walls of our tetrahedron, you can see the cube in it.
The identity of all construction elements provides the overall coherence and strengthens their internal correspondence at both the material and intellectual level.
Reflecting on a regular solid is like discovering the universe's underlying principle. Its symbolism refers to light, life, and infinity.
It's about finding a balance between abstraction and narrative, about bridging the past and the present, about matching contradictions that can exist in harmony.


We were invited to participate in the Exhibition COLOURS organized by Hempel Glass Museum in Nykøbing Zealand, Denmark.
The exhibition was co-curated by Curator Susanne Jøker Johnsen and Cand. Mag Bodil Busk Laursen, Chairman of the Board of Hempel Glass Museum. This story is set in a contemporary perspective by linking the global business and international glass art, which was JC Hempel's private interest. Artists coming from all the regions of Hempel’s operations, where represented at the exhibition. We were offered a space in front of stylish ancient tapestries.
We brought our works in parts and arranged them into blocks in the exhibition area. The enclosed video describes the process of mounting.