SYSTEMIC Microsoft Research, Cambridge UK - CODAworx

SYSTEMIC Microsoft Research, Cambridge UK

Submitted by Klari Reis

Client: Microsoft

Location: Cambridge, United Kingdom

Completion date: 2012

Project Team


Caterina Pappalardo

Pringle Brandon


Rachel Howard



Microsoft commissioned Klari to create a single artwork measuring 108″ x 36″ to be located in the main entrance of their new building in Cambridge, UK. The painting explores the biological and systemic concepts of the 5 themes of the research group. The artwork was scanned and reproduced as 6 large scale graphics. The painting in full was depicted as a center piece of the building in the 5 floor high atrium at 115 square meters. Portions of the piece were then used as color themed way finding for each elevator lobby.


The goal of the original large scale painting was to create an abstract depiction of each of the MSR group locations within their new building. Each floor was color coordinated in relation to the portion of the painting that appeared at their level in the glass atrium. Multiple works of art and mock up drawings were created until the final piece was chosen by committee.


Klari and her assistant worked with the architects, contractors, Microsoft Research group managers, graphic designers, art handlers, and customs to complete this multifaceted and exciting art project within budget and on time.

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