Synchronicity of Color Red & Blue - CODAworx

Synchronicity of Color Red & Blue

Client: Discovery Green & Houston Arts Alliance

Location: Houston, TX, United States

Completion date: 2008

Artwork budget: $700,000

Project Team


Larry Speck, AIA


Landscape Architect

Mary Margaret Jones, Sinior Principal

Hargreaves Accociates


Margo Sawyer, FAAR

Margo Sawyer Inc


Guy Hagstaff

Discovery Green Conservancy


Synchronicity of Color at Discovery Green forms an artistic hybrid: sculpture, architecture, functional form and cultural icon. Synchronicity of Color has broadened my personal experience of artistic practice and has opened a multitude of issues that surround art production, which include the impact and power of the artist as a cultural change agent and the economic impact artists and the arts give to the community. The word Synchronicity is a concept formed by philosopher Carl Jung, “meaning full coincidence”. The art work has become the beloved icon for the city of Houston.


Investigating the relationship between space and transcendence where architecture and ritual converge in creating unique and memorable experiences, capable of restoring a quality of contemplative within our lives, forms the core values of my artistic practice. To that end my art has transformed mundane, architectural structures into euphoric icons, married exquisite objects and materials into domestic spaces, and made large public spaces into an intimate refuge. Color is highly symbolic and the placement of colors next to each other creates an emotional effect on the viewer.


My work forged unusual partnerships with industry, commissioning high tech fabrication companies to produce art components, opening dialogues on how artists can expand and diversify the systems of mass production and add to the questions of diversification.