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Synchronicity Chapel

Client: Private

Location: Undisclosed, TX, United States

Completion date: 2018

Artwork budget: $200,000

Project Team

Industry Resource

Franz Mayer of Munich

Franz Mayer of Munich


Margo Sawyer

Sawyer Studio LLC


Synchronicity Chapel is designed to be a meditative space that allows you to feel alone with your thoughts, but also interacts and gives new perspectives to the world around you. It is set in a 100 year old chapel on private land in the middle of the countryside. There are 8 preexisting windows with glass coverings, a 14’ tall by 1’ wide alter window, and a 4’ tall by 1’ wide choir window, both of which I designed to have installed. The glass was all hand painted with the flat glass studio of Franz Mayer of Munich in Germany.


Investigating the relationship between space and transcendence where architecture and ritual converge in creating unique and memorable experiences with the capability of restoring a quality of contemplation within our lives is what forms the core values of my artistic practice. To that end, I wanted this space to be a tranquil place of solitude just as much as it was a gathering space. I wanted areas to feel as sacred as an ethereal space should and work with the idea of a place of worship rather than against it.


Synchronicity Chapel forms an artistic hybrid of architecture and functional form. It has broadened my personal experience of artistic practice and has opened a multitude of issues that surround art production. My work forged unusual partnerships with industry, architecture, construction, and many new outlets of fabrication. I had to work closely with the contractors in order to successfully design untraditional architecture that fit the chapel space. What really brought the space together was my work with Franz Mayer of Munich. This was my first time working with hand painted flat glass, and their knowledge and studio was critical in the execution of this art work.