Symphony in S Minor – Rotating Fountain


Client: Eichinger Sculpture

Location: Portland, OR, United States

Completion date: 2010

Artwork budget: $95,000

Project Team


Martin Eichinger

Eichinger Sculpture Studio

Industry Resource

Timothy Parks

TW Bronze

Industry Resource

James Steel

Envision Acrylics


This fountain is a procession of eight figures in high relief on a continuous background of symbols. It rotates by the force of flowing water atop a 170-gallon acrylic tank. The cast bronze relief sculpture is 18” high and 4″ deep. The acrylic tank is 48″H x 32”D. Overall dimensions of the sculpture and fountain: 61”H x 44”D.


The fountain/sculpture is a culmination of several recurring themes that Martin Eichinger has explored throughout his career. Community, continuity and mythic forces all come together in this piece. The background is the continuum. It is a narrative of symbols that add texture and dimension to the story.


Eichinger approaches everything with the viewer’s experience in mind. While in progress, this sculpture stood on a turntable in his studio. Visitors seemed to enjoy rotating the clay model in its pivot rather than walking around it. Eichinger’s inquisitive and inventive personality recognized an opportunity to create something truly unique. From his early experience designing science museum interpretive exhibits, he realized the power of motion to engage viewers as participants. The addition of a fountain brought everything together in this symphony of motion, water, sound, light and shadow.

Additional Information

For 35 years, Eichinger has created characters that are alive with energy. But that’s only half of the story. The other half is the interaction between viewer and subject. Eichinger’s narrative sculptures are dynamic figures in space as well as stories in progress.