Symbiosis - CODAworx


Submitted by Blake Conroy

Client: Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts

Location: Annapolis, MD, United States

Completion date: 2019

Artwork budget: $6,000

Project Team


Blake Conroy


Vicco Von Voss


Sara Bakken


Emily Kohlenstäben

Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts


The show Symbiosis was a collaboration between Blake Conroy, Vicco Von Voss and Sarah Bakken. Others involved were Emily Kohlenstein, Gallery Director of Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts. The piece “Symbiosis is on semi-permanent display at Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts.


The goal of the show was to form a collaboration between artists from different backgrounds. Blake Conroy is an artist who uses technology to create his art. Vicco Von Voss is an artist whose primary artwork is wood working. Sarah Bakken's field is primarily textiles.


Vicco Von Voss was approached to have a show in the gallery space. He had done a couple of collaborations with Blake Conroy and decided to dedicate the show to working with other artists. Sarah Bakken was invite to join the collaboration effort.