Sway - CODAworx


Submitted by Bev Goodwin


Client: Harbourview Sculpture trail

Location: Auckland, New Zealand

Completion date: 2016

Artwork budget: $4,224

Project Team


Bev Goodwin


Jeff Thomson


The goal was to create a work that reflected the natural environment of the Te Atatu Penisular where the biennial Harbourview Sculpture Trail was held. It was really important that Sway blended into the landscape as well as standing out. The constant movement created by the wind and water flow was also an important aspect.


We were invited to submit a proposal for this biennial show. All the works must in some way reflect the natural environment or make a statement about the natural history of the area. We decided to select an area on the water where we thought we could best create a work that blended in as part of the natural environment.

We studied the grasses and insects in the area and then set about creating the works.
We described the project as:
Lines of wire rise out of the lake’s surface, and freely move in the breeze. The shapes delicately dance on the surface, drift, sway, spin and bob. Each piece moves differently - when all are in motion, the overall effect suggests a vibrant dance on the water’s surface.
On a still day, mirror-like reflections add another dimension to this work, creating a myriad of shapes on the water.
This sculptural work plays with the idea that any material can take on the qualities of the environment and seem to be the other.
After submitting we were advised the project was accepted.


We were the artistic team, and as this project is based on artist only teams, there were no designers involved. We collaborated with Sally Lush, the curator. As Sally says in the catalogue: “The Harbourview Sculpture Trail challenges artists to develop site specific artworks inspired by the local history, natural salt marsh environment and social issues pertaining to this area.
Our project was overseen at regular intervals with Sally. Along with 34 other artists we installed in early March.
The Trail is organised by the Peninsula Arts Inc, Te Atatu, Auckland, with Holly Vaihu, the President.
Website: harbourviewsculpture.com

Additional Information

Using and exploring the qualities of wire as a material, has long had an importance in both of our sculptural practises. The sculpture, is a series of whimsical wire works, powder coated in a variety of colours. It reflects the grasses and reeds found along the lake edge and mimics imaginary and fanciful dragonflies, the flotsam, jetsam, and the insects and plant life moving in the water. The installation explores simplicity of line and the sense of the ephemeral.