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Big Surfboard


Client: City of Redondo Beach - Via, Mogul Capital

Location: Redondo Beach, CA, United States

Completion date: 2017

Artwork budget: $300,000

Project Team


Rachel Lambert

Mogul Capital

Industry Resource

Peter Schmidt

Sal Cal Construction Inc


Roark Gourley

Public Art Agent

Redondo Beach Public Arts


This 40 feet high, 14 feet wide, 12 inches deep “Big Board” is a sculptural icon sitting between the properties of 3 hotels developed by the Mogul Capitol group representing the history of the Redondo Beach Surf Culture. It is the first sculpture to start the Redondo Beach Public Arts Program and is at the entrance to the city.


The Redondo Beach Public Arts program wanted a great representation of a part of the life style of Redondo Beach. So being an old surfer myself, I thought why not a giant surfboard? Not only is it a giant surfboard, it is one of the largest surfboards in the world, standing 40 feet high!


This was a massive collaboration between fabricators, engineers and the City arts program. It was a 2 year project from design concepts, engineering, metal fabrication, contractors pouring foundation, installation, lighting specialists and so on...

Additional Information

Many THANKS to the Redondo Beach Arts program, The Mogul Capital group for the insight and support AND all of the many crew that worked like crazy to make it happen.