Superbloom - CODAworx



Location: Los Angeles, CA, United States

Completion date: 2021

Artwork budget: $1,600,000

Project Team


Robert Buchholz

Feral Studio


Super Bloom is a 34' tall sculpture made entirely of steel and clad with an elaborate stainless steel mosaic and LED light pattern. The inspiration for the piece comes from a natural occurrence that happens in the high desert regions of western united states. Following a really hard winter filled with lots of rain, snow, and cold temperatures, the desert's soil becomes saturated with moisture and it reaches deep into the soil activating seeds that have never been reached before. The result is a super bloom that transforms a lifeless desert into an incredible display of life and color from wildflowers. This display of life and color is extremely inspiring. Who hasn't gone through hard times to find they've gained something that has pushed them to be a better person?


SuperBloom is a celebration for all of us who endure hard times and come out on the other side with a display of millions of wild flowers.