Super Blue - CODAworx

Super Blue

Submitted by Keith Lemley

Client: The Soap Factory

Completion date: 2012

Project Team


Keith Lemley


The Soap Factory

The Soap Factory


I work with relics of industry – neon, steel, functional objects – to re-contextualize everyday experiences. I am particularly interested in movement – of raw materials, of the river, and of viewers through the gallery space. The work becomes a physical manifestation of a psychological and theoretical movement through space. The intense blue light and repetition create a corporeal experience that is both disorienting and strange. A heightened awareness of built environments, and our navigation through them, confronts the viewer.


The goals were to integrate a site-specific light art installation into the space that would alter the feeling of the space and the user experience with it.


After a site visit, the artist worked with the building management to design and fabricate a work that maximized the attributes of the particular space. They studied local history and responded to the idea of repetition and flow from the building's past as a factory and rail depot.