Sunrise Bridge YarnStorming - CODAworx

Sunrise Bridge YarnStorming

Submitted by Diane Bush

Client: Clark County

Location: Las Vegas, NV, United States

Completion date: 2012

Artwork budget: $500

Project Team

Public Art Agent

Clark County Parks and Recreation

Public Art Agent

The Nevada Arts Council

Clark County Parks and Recreation


Diane Bush


Seniors who belong to the West Flamingo Yarn Stormers added color to a dull pedestrian bridge that takes people from a bus stop to Sunrise Hospital across the road. Boy Scouts helped install the Sunrise shaped design, made out of crocheted circles ( representing the sun), that were attached to nylon shade cloth. The mural was attached via grommets, key rings, and padlocks. After 3 months in the Las Vegas sun the mural was removed, but the circles on the northern side were made into flowers and are on view in the senior center lobby.


The goals were to give the seniors a challenging project that would gain publicity for the group, which relies on donations of yarn to keep the seniors busy with providing blankets and baby items for women's shelters, cancer patients, homeless teens, hospice patients, etc. The design was created to please the public, the hospital, and the seniors.


Partnerships were formed between the Hospital, the County, the seniors, the local arts council, the arts commission, and the Boy Scouts who helped with the installation.

Additional Information

This was a hugely popular project, with TV, Radio, and press in every city publication. It won an annual award in Excellence from the Nevada Parks and Recreation Society, it was published in their monthly state wide publication, and it gained national recognition on the internet.