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Submerged Garden Hotel

Client: Meyer Jabara Hotels

Location: Ocala, FL, United States

Completion date: 2017

Artwork budget: $33,000

Project Team


Andrea Bonfils

Andrea Art Sudio LLC

Interior Designer

Cynthia Forchielli

Forchielli Glynn LLC

Industry Resource

Ruchika Attri

Duggal Visual Solutions


George Rendell

Meyer Jabara Hotels


Large scale photographs from Andrea Bonfils Submerged Garden Series (underwater floral Photography) were placed in the lobby of the Ocala Hilton, FL. The acrylic face mounted C-prints are a soothing reminder of an organic and spa like getaway in a coastal region. Within this series there are many options for hospitality, health care, recreation and transportation where botanicals or water are thematically suitable. Fabrications in glass, metal, mosaic, and acrylic are a few of the many options available.


According to the hotel developer: "At Meyer Jabara Hotels we chose to install art from Andrea Bonfils’s Submerged Garden series at probably the most important place at one of our hotels……the front desk. There, at the Hilton Ocala, Florida arriving guests are greeted with its vibrant colors and sense of discovery. Our guests have reacted so enthusiastically….guests will then be able to learn more about Andrea and how her very striking art was created". George Rendell, Meyer Jabara Hotels


The collaboration was fairly straight forward. The client (Meyer Jabara Hotels) and designer (Forchielli Glynn LLC) requested images too be used within the lobby dimensions. I proposed several options including triptychs for the space. Once the chosen images were finished proofing, shipping was arranged, and then art was installed in the lobby during renovations.

Additional Information

Many images (flowers, colors), fabrication options and sizes (up to 10ft) are available within this series (semi-transparent acrylic panels with images viewed on both sides for room dividers, or Vibrachrome metal prints for durability in all climates and large scale mosaics). Lenticular (3D) prints are created within series as well. Andrea states, " I’m primarily drawn to the wonders of nature and our humanity within. I’ve spent countless hours following majestic bands of wild horses, staring above in bird sanctuaries or submerged while documenting color, mood, fluidity and light in underwater movement. Reverence towards the natural world becomes evident as my underwater flowers which appear larger than life alters one’s perspective, dwarfing the viewer and sparking a visceral deference to our environment.”