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Subdivisions: Los Angeles County Public Library: Lawndale Branch

Submitted by Anne Marie Karlsen

Client: Los Angeles County Arts Commission

Location: Lawndale, CA, United States

Completion date: 2008

Artwork budget: $71,000

Project Team


Anne Marie Karlsen

Art Consultant

Rebecca Banyas


Franz Mayer of Munich

Franz Mayer of Munich

Public Art Agent

Los Angeles County Arts Commission

Los Angeles County Arts Commission


The image is a floor to ceiling artwork which visually extends out and welcomes people entering Lawndale City Hall Civic Plaza. Photo collage panels are readable from both the interior and exterior of the library, and cast colorful reflections. 257 square feet of float glass panels, fabricated by Franz Mayer of Munich.


Artwork was designed to fit within the proposed window structure, and to appear like a beacon at the end of the colonnade for maximum impact. The separated rectangular panels along with research into the history of Lawndale inspired the concept behind the title: Subdivisions. Repeating patterns within each panel were created to fill each space symmetrically, and reflect symmetrically on the second wall.


Thanks to collaboration with the Lawndale Historical Society, the artwork incorporates a wide array of historic photographs that document key events, buildings, community members and cultural landmarks in Lawndale's history. Each piece of glass has multiple layers, which create a dimensional effect. Up close the images are readable, like a history book.

Additional Information

Awarded the Americans for the Arts: Public Arts Network: Best Public Art of 2009