Studio Azul Mosaic Mural - CODAworx

Studio Azul Mosaic Mural

Submitted by JK Mosaic, LLC

Client: private client

Location: Redmond, WA, United States

Completion date: 2022

Artwork budget: $24,000

Project Team

Graphic Designer

Mara Stokke

NBBJ Design

Installation assistance

Mike Kuhns


Installation Assistance

Tara Wyatt



Stained glass mosaic photorealistic garden scene for the corporate complex of a high-profile tech company. The mural is 5′ x 10′ located on the wall opposite the 3rd floor elevator doors. Each piece of stained glass was hand-cut and carefully placed to create the illusion of dimension, light and shadow. It is composed of thousands of individual pieces, with some opalescent, iridescent and textured glass so it sparkles as the angle of light changes.


Each floor in this complex is designed within a theme, and the theme of the 3rd floor is "garden studio." The mosaic depicts my own garden studio in the Pacific NW with a large number 3 incorporated on the right side. The 3 needed to be bold and highly visible so I made it from a recycled glass tile using a classical andamento where the tiles are placed in rows that follow the contours of the shape. This contrasts with the "opus palladium" andamento in the rest of the mural, and the tile is slightly thicker than the glass, so it is in relief. The mosaic is a strikingly dimensional artwork that will be a pleasant surprise for visitors to the 3rd floor.


I was hired by NBBJ Design in Seattle, and we worked together to select and adjust the image. I communicated with the project manager, foreman and art installers to finalize all details, and I installed the project with two assistants.

Additional Information

I was required to sign an NDA for this project and the client wants to remain confidential. I was allowed to take photos containing the mosaic only, without context. It's a high-security location, construction is still underway at the time of this posting, and I won't be allowed back to have professional photos taken.