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Studio AVT

Submitted by Studio An-V-Thot Architects Pvt. Ltd.

Client: Studio AVT

Location: New Delhi, India

Completion date: 2012

Artwork budget: $11,000

Project Team


Ankita Sweety

Studio An-V-Thot Architects Pvt. Ltd.


Ankita Sweety

Studio An-V-Thot Architects Pvt. Ltd.


Pratyoosh Chandan

Studio An-V-Thot Architects Pvt. Ltd.


Architect Ankita & Pratyoosh, the Designer duo of Studio AVT, always wanted their work place to be their own world of colors and spatiality. This was the driving force for them, once they took up an office space in the chaotic urban environment of Delhi. The challenge was to design and develop the space within very strict budget and timeline. After two months of rigorous work, multiple on-site obstacles and parallel Studio, the joy in the newly done-up Studio clearly tells us that the mission was accomplished to their expectations.


The 650 sq ft. Studio has been planned on a hierarchy system. A dark room in the centre gives birth to a junior zone and a senior zone, while an imaginary path thus created, from one end to another of the office, takes the visitor through various volumes of spatial experiences. The third zone caters to the services without disturbing the rest of the Office.
The “boxes of colors” were brought to life by the result of an intention to break free with the conventional storage design, in an expression to explode with harmony, balance & color. The space acts as a display for project model which is in fact a model in itself. A casual seating is an add-on to the space and interestingly it also acts as transitional space and focal point of the whole area.
The space next to the dark room acts as Senior Studio, again with high display panels to create an aesthetically pleasing environment while serving the purpose of maximum display for an Architect’s studio. The “ladder” behaves as the floating member of the team with a flexibility to change its position & dramatically add depth, life and color in any given frame.


Design Team: Studio An-V-Thot Architects Pvt. Ltd.
Site In-charge: Nitish Kumar
Photo Credits: Saptorshi Majumdar
Turnkey Consultants: Mehta Enterprises
Area: 650 sq ft.
Duration: 45 days
Completion: June 2012
Cost of Project: Rs 7, 50, 000/-
Location: New Delhi

Additional Information

The selection and placement of various materials were dependent on two main criteria; Hierarchy of importance Color, texture and reflectivity The Studio is undoubtedly a designer's expression of life within boundaries, where colors add a playfulness so as to give freedom for thoughts and ideas to take birth & evolve with an intention of positivity. In a city that drains you with its clusters, traffic, noise and where workplaces are limited by scarcity of space and air; this place has a life of itself, where energy can be seen and felt throughout.