"String Theory for Dummies" - CODAworx

“String Theory for Dummies”

Client: BLINK Cincinnati (2022)

Location: Cincinnati, OH, United States

Completion date: 2022

Project Team

Daniel Shields

Jamebo Corsini

Daniel Hiudt


“String Theory For Dummies,” is a creation inspired by the concept of space and its potential for fragmentation, separation, and connection, Shields uses yarn as a medium to traverse three-dimensional space, reshaping the viewer’s perception. Through the lines formed by the yarn, a web-like network emerges, demanding recognition for the space it delineates. This captivating aspect of the installation speaks to the profound interconnectedness among people, symbolizing the metaphorical representation of life itself. Pulling on one part of the yarn sets off a noticeable reaction in a distant corner, much like the butterfly effect. Through collaboration and collective effort by engaged participants, each person weaves their own web, so it is crucial to be mindful and avoid tying knots in the wrong places, something beautiful and meaningful can be created.

The installation found its home in Washington Park, a prominent park located in the heart of Over-The-Rhine, a neighborhood adjacent to Downtown Cincinnati. Renowned for its warm reception of millions of visitors from diverse locations each year, the park serves as a bustling center of community engagement. The park’s natural appeal to nature enthusiasts makes it an ideal setting for Shields’ thought-provoking installation.


Art doesn’t need to be so inaccessible. Museums have perfect specimens behind glass or in formaldehyde but that preservation creates barriers between the people and the art which lessen their connection to the heartfelt trials and errors of creation. So, what about an art piece that is created by everyone? Don’t like what you see? Grab a ball of yarn and change it! Develop your string theory.