Submitted by Catherine Woods


Client: Core Development Group

Location: Silver Spring, MD, United States

Completion date: 2017

Artwork budget: $130,000

Project Team

Industry Resource

AK Metal Fabricators, Inc

Industry Resource

General Glass International


Dimensions: 20' h x 6' w x 10' d
Media: Painted, tempered, laminated glass / Stainless Steel

Thirteen glass and pierced metal discs are incorporated onto an active stainless steel framework.


'I took thousands of photographs of the Silver Spring area, a place I know well, having grown up there. Images of historical sites, iconic buildings, classic signage, views of the metro station, shadows of distinctive walking bridges, local campuses, and Sligo Creek Park were included and incorporated into abstract collages. These were rendered onto architectural glass and pierced into stainless steel discs. A sculpture for the site, of the site, inspired by the site.'


As the sun moves around the sculpture, the details of the artwork are constantly changing, ensuring that the viewer has something new to discover upon multiple viewings. The colorful glass is complemented by the shine of the stainless steel finishes. Colorful linear elements incorporated into the glass echo the sculpture framework. The pierced stainless discs create active shadows in the courtyard and onto the glass of the sculpture itself.