Stream - CODAworx


Submitted by Errol Beauchamp

Client: Corporate Office Properties Trust

Location: Jessup, MD, United States

Completion date: 2012

Artwork budget: $26,000

Project Team


Ginger Bircham



Errol Beauchamp

Beauchamp Sculpture


My work is nature based, and my concept of flowing water references the changing directions at work and in life, and the connection between the built and natural environment. The need for each person to move easily from one task to another and balance family demands in between creates a symbiotic rhythm to daily tasks.“Stream” provides that short escape to a calm state of mind.


The two insets in the interior lobby determined the size and placement for this commission, and the goals of the developer were formed as their commitment to create an engaging art and work space. The site for this commercial space is adjacent to natural and designed landscaping to create a coexistence of uses.


Working with the three architects managing the public art program at COPT, I photo documented all eight fabrication processes for a phased approval process. This allowed them to personally engage in my work and share the progress with their management team. Pouring of bright yellow-orange molten bronze, sparks flying during the welding and metal chasing, and the hot torch flames in the patina process created a close up experience from 2,000 miles away.

On the day of the installation, they asked me to talk to 18 managers and leasing agents about my inspiration and processes. The president stopped by to hear me talk about my work and processes, and see photos of the steps involved. The leasing agents use this information to talk to future tenants about their commitment to a world class environment for work and inspiring imagination.

Additional Information

I believe that the collaboration between the owner's reps and artist is fundamental to a successful installation, and the long term admiration for the chosen artist and my processes. It's the fuel for creativity and connection.