Strata - CODAworx

Client: Upfor Gallery

Location: Portland, OR, United States

Completion date: 2020

Project Team


Danielle Roney

Danielle Roney Studio LLC


Danielle Roney

Danielle Roney Studio LLC


Strata: Zero, Zero_One
Upfor Gallery, Portland OR

The Strata Series LED formations translate vocal data visualizations of immigrant collaborators to provide portals of presence as mechanisms of anonymous occupation of public space.
These unique, individual representations signify communication as intentional existential acts of freedom.

Each vocal presentation illuminates the temporality of the human condition through nomadic virtual infrastructures to support the harmonics of difference as a choral act of resistance.
Through the porosity of these infrastructures, frequencies of opacity embrace a nomadic philosophy, leveraging the liminal space between these positions of embodiment is the constructive place for the viewer to consider –relation – these conditions upon their own physical presence and the vulnerabilities and strengths of intersubjectivity.

Radical beauty is embraced through the tool of abstraction, enabling an open translation of ourselves as the celestial embodiment of potentials.