Storytell & Sway - CODAworx

Storytell & Sway

Submitted by Gianna Stewart

Client: Asian Community Development Corporation

Location: Boston, MA, United States

Completion date: 2021

Project Team


Gianna Stewart


Cynthia Yee

Project Manager

Jeena Hah

Asian Community Development Corporation

Project Manager

Dianyvet Serrano

Asian Community Development Corporation


Mel Taing & Aaron J. Bourque


Amanda Huang


Storytell and Sway is the inaugural Hudson Street Stoop project presented by the Asian Community Development Corporation to cultivate a vibrant and inclusive neighborhood space at One Greenway Park (66 – 88 Hudson Street, Boston, MA). In the 1960’s a highway project claimed many homes on Hudson Street. This project aims to activate precious green space for local residents, in a way that recalls the stoop culture that once thrived in Boston’s Chinatown.

Description: Three benches are suspended from a bright yellow structure over rare public green space in Boston’s Chinatown. Snippets of stories gathered at community workshops with local writer Cynthia Yee surround those who sit and swing with neighbors.


Developed by the Asian Community Development Corporation (ACDC), Hudson Street Stoop is a public art initiative of ongoing installations created in collaboration with Chinatown residents. Through this modern day “stoop”, ACDC seeks to foster a more inclusive community where everyone feels that they belong; celebrate the history and memories of Chinatown; and make room for new memories by activating this space with interactive art.

With the Hudson Street Stoop inaugural project Storytell & Sway, we hope the stoop culture that once thrived on Hudson Street - neighbors conversing, kids playing, friends gathering outdoors along the street to talk and share - will emerge once again at One Greenway Park.


The idea for this project grew from community input sessions organized by the Asian Community Development Corporation. Residents' desires for an active space for play, storytelling, and gathering were carefully considered. For the text details, ACDC and Gianna Stewart co-facilitated storytelling workshops with writer Cynthia Yee, whose childhood home was on Hudson Street. Quotes from these sessions, and Yee's 'Hudson Street Chronicles' are seen on the swings.

Additional Information

Free outdoor community events from family art making afternoons, to movie nights and an open mic were hosted by Asian Community Development Corporation at the Hudson Street Stoop. Pictured: Chinatown Storycart's pop event organized by Lily Xie and Crystal Bi summer 2021. Thank you to those who shared their stories: Angela Chen, Joyce Chen, Maggie Chen, Sylvia Chen, Po Chun Chow, Jie Mui Deng, Xiao Ying Feng, Courtney Ho, Henry Ko, Sophie Oni, Dianyvet Serrano, Mary Wong, Lilian Xu, and Yi Rong Yang. And special thanks to Cynthia Yee, who helped facilitate storytelling sessions. A quote from her story “Snow Angels” can be found on the benches.