Stitch - CODAworx


Submitted by Ivan Kostov


Location: Sofia, Bulgaria

Completion date: 2011

Project Team


Ivan Kostov


Iliana Teneva


This is in a boutique (luxury) apartment on the penthouse floor with a floor plan that was difficult to master. The kitchen is situated immediately beside the entrance, and the architect’s decision was to build a U-shaped, open-work partition that would not block the light to the kitchen, but would separate the kitchen from the entry space. In 2010, I was commissioned to design and execute this partition wall with the dimensions of 27’ x 8’.


I decided to turn this functional partition into a work of art and a main accent in the interior. I created a modular ceramic structure consisting of 12 different elements, covered partially with a matt glaze and partially with a glossy glaze. The modules are mounted on a metal structure, and the inner side is covered with medium density fiberboard and frosted glass.