stillness & motion - CODAworx

stillness & motion

Submitted by Metz and Chew

Client: ASPAC Developments Ltd.

Location: Richmond, BC, Canada

Completion date: 2013

Project Team

Jacqueline Metz

Nancy Chew


A graphic, dynamic artwork through which you move. This artwork is informed by the local landscape, by mythologies of landscape, by how culture interprets the land and how the land shapes culture. In the end, the work is about landscape and culture, stillness and motion.

herons at rest, nesting amidst the trees
On one side is a monumental, translucent image that extends the length of the bridge: life-size images of herons nesting in a rookery – an intimate, almost domestic, view.

flight – motion
At night, you see a heron slowly moving, beating the air, fluttering in a continuous loop. A bright, moving, presence – powerful yet gentle.


Integrating into a pedestrian bridge that is highly visible from the road