Stephen Hawking - CODAworx

Stephen Hawking

Submitted by Eve Shepherd

Client: Cambridge University

Location: Cambridge, United Kingdom

Completion date: 2008

Artwork budget: $10,000

Project Team


Eve Shepherd

Eve Shepherd Sculptures


Cambridge University

Cambridge University (UK)





To create a portrait sculpture of the famous cosmologist Professor Stephen Hawking for Cambridge University (UK) and the African Institute of Mathematical Sciences (Cape Town). This is the maquette which is yet to be realised in its full form of one and a half times life size. This sculpture has been designed to sit within a contemplation garden at Cambridge University.


It was agreed by Professor Hawking and myself that the piece should be a full body portrait, to include his disability. I was asked to design the sculpture and the contemplation garden, which involved a large bronze sculpture, a plinth, stairs, monoliths, landscaping, and mist water feature. Sadly however the funder passed away before the project was realised.


The preparation of the project involved numerous collaborators, the commissioner, Cambridge University and AIMS, the Architect, the bronze foundry, the funder, the stone mason, shipment agents, and of course Professor Stephen Hawking and his staff. This was a challenging and exciting project, due to correctly depicting the juxtaposing nature of Professor Hawking and power of his work.