Step Lightly

Submitted by Carol Salmanson


Client: Visual Arts Center of New Jersey

Location: Summit, NJ, United States

Completion date: 2013

Artwork budget: $8,000

Project Team


Carol Salmanson



Mary Birmingham, Curator

Visual Arts Center of New Jersey


"Step Lightly," 2013 Site-specific installation on Staircase Landing at Visual Arts Center of NJ. Made of LEDs and wire, the piece is 16’ W x 2’ H.


"Step Lightly" had approximately 800 LEDs of ten different sizes, shapes and colors. Its low-voltage bare wiring was mounted directly to its 16'-wide concrete wall, to both become part of the piece while remaining almost invisible. Step Lightly's geometric design echoed its staircase, and directed its viewers' eyes up the stairs.


This site-specific installation was commissioned for part of Salmanson's solo exhibition at the Visual Arts Center of NJ, as a path to lead viewers up the stairway to the gallery of her exhibition as well as engage with students and faculty who travel up and down the stairway everyday. The work also was meant to engage the viewer both from a far with its illumination and up close with its intricate design.