Cosmic Vision - CODAworx

Cosmic Vision


Client: private

Location: District of Columbia, DC, United States

Completion date: 2018

Artwork budget: $7,350

Project Team


Cynthia Miller


Robert Miller


Challenge: Twelve panels into a fourteen horizontal composition. The client had loved my piece that measured four panels across and three panels down but he wanted it to fit between the light source on top and chairs below. I needed to reconfigure the exiting panels to twelve across and two down. By adding two more panels I needed to finesse the total composition so that the total composition, including the two new panels, would flow seamlessly. It was a fun challenge, and I did it.


This composition was to be the focal point in the dining room. Obviously the initial configuration would not work in the client's space. The translation of seven across and two down was perfect.


This was a collaboration between the client, myself and my existing composition. Initially the client had suggested a 21 panel piece, seven across and three down. Because I thought that would crowd his space I suggested his having only two down. My composition cooperated with the additional two panels and the process, though challenging, went smoothly.