StarFox - CODAworx


Submitted by Nicholas LoFaro

Client: Public

Location: Edwards, CO, United States

Completion date: 2022

Project Team

Public placement

City of Lafayette

City of Lafayette


Nicholas LoFaro

LoFaro Metalarts LTD.


StarFox is made of welded & reclaimed steel parts including hubcaps, sawblades and cutlery. StarFox has iridescent, glowing eyes and is approximately 5 feet from snout to tail.


StarFox was a solo project. I wanted to create an anatomically precise fox with and ethereal appearance to celebrate the animal’s mystical nature. I began by building a frame of a fox skeleton then layered the body with polished steel parts.


This project took approximately 4 months for me to create. Tedium and catharsis working together.

Additional Information

StarFox is on display in downtown Lafayette Colorado for the 2023-24 year!