Star Gazers ( To Think, To Dream, To Be)

Submitted by James Moore


Client: KCR Development Hyatt House Hotel

Location: Cupertino, CA, United States

Completion date: 2019

Project Team


David Chan

KCR Development (Hyatt House, Cupertino)

Industry Resource

Mark Battastini

KCR Development (Hyatt House, Cupertino)


Everyone has an important story to tell and art is a powerful tool for sharing it.This work is work connects the particular to the universal and speaks to people no matter their particular life experience. “Star Gazers” is emblematic of how I see the creative process. I think that process is essentially the same whether you’re creating a sculpture, a hotel, or an app. This suite of three sculptures stands over 14 ft. tall and was fabricated from welded aluminum.


The overarching goal for this project was to provide hotel guests and associates with a visual experience that's emblematic of the spirit of Silicon Valley. We worked to push the perceived scale of the work while remaining within the established budget.


The owners, already being familiar with the artist's work, allowed him to follow his own vision for the suite of sculptures. Two main concepts were explored and the project proceeded based on the one that the owners and the artist agreed upon. The concept was also presented to The city of Cupertino's Fine Arts Commission for discussion and approval where the Commission unanimously welcomed the design as positive addition to the city's public art landscape.

Additional Information

This project is intended to provide viewers with an engaging and optimistic experience no mater their particular life experience. It uses the geometrical abstract human form as an identifiable point of entry where the public can begin its interaction with the work taking them on a journey from curiosity to engagement and from engagement to inspiration.