Stand - CODAworx

Client: Oakville Ranch Winery

Location: Napa, CA, United States

Completion date: 2014

Project Team


Daniel Winterich

Studio Winterich


Mary Miner

Oakville Ranch Winery


At the main entrance to the winery and next to a 19th century conservatory, visitors are greeted by an obilisk-like sculpture named “Stand”. This bronze and glass structure is almost imperceptible amongst the adjacent redwood trees until one approaches and notices the play of yellow and blue light across sculpture which appears to be illuminated from within.


Wanting to establish a contemporary sensibility at the entrance to the winery, the sculpture is sited next to a historic greenhouse containing rare orchids and other tropical flowers. By contrast, "Stand" is a bronze and dichroic glass sculpture that one experiences along the way to the main winery building which sits behind a Henry Moore's "Mother and Child" bronze sculpture.


Working directly with the winery owner provided a great amount of freedom to develop an idea that is uniquely suited for this setting.