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Stamford Luminata

Submitted by Joy Wulke

Client: State of Connecticut Department of Economic and Community Development

Location: Stamford, CT, United States

Completion date: 2013

Artwork budget: $145,000

Project Team


Joy Wulke

Wulke Studio of A + D


Jamie Burnett

Art Consultant

Steve Hamelin


Sandy Garnett


Commissioned by the City of Stamford this permanent LED installation is programmable and will offer an ever-changing presence within the city of Stamford, highly visible from I-95 the main corridor between New York and Boston. Programs will change for seasons and events. The light program transformed a concrete cube into a light canvas using existing architectural details.
The kaleidoscopic light show runs from dusk till about 2 a.m., when the last train departs. The effect is reminiscent of a Mondrian with lines and colors dance and pulse with colors dance and pulse with energy.


This project part of City Canvases, a mandate by the Governor of Connecticut to create public art features that would bring new visitors to urban areas. Through the use of light, the Stamford Train Station was instantly transformed into a state-of -the -art beacon representing Stamford's forward-looking opportunities for visitors and businesses.

Programming included Valentine’s Day, aglow in red and pink. Local championships will be celebrated with school colors. Spring will be bathed in pastels. Mayor Pavia said he was thrilled with the result. “If you’re driving on 95 at night, it makes a really neat statement,” he said.


Each member of the team of 4 provided an important piece to the project:
Joy Wulke - lead artist and designer
Jamie Burnett - lead light artist and installer
Steve Hamelin - light materials research and provider
Sandy Garnett - Stamford liaison

Additional Information

Stamford Luminata has been recognized as one of 50 outstanding public art projects for 2012 by the American's for the Arts.