Stain 36 - CODAworx

Stain 36

Submitted by Katie Schutte

Client: Rountree Gallery

Location: Platteville, WI, United States

Completion date: 2021

Artwork budget: $1,100

Project Team

Commisioner, installation

Rountree Gallery

Non-profit art gallery


Katie Schutte


Stain 36, the final work in the Stains series for the foreseeable future, is on display on the back of the Rountree Gallery in Platteville, Wisconsin. The piece is a 5ft X 10ft mural and, like the other works in the series, was made mostly by spraying acrylic paint through a crochet doily. Usually, the Stains series are created using found antique or vintage doilies, but because of the size of the substrate, I crocheted a 5ft diameter doily using 13 strands of crochet thread and a size 7mm crochet hook.


For Stain 36, I ended up using acrylic spray paint instead of acrylic from a tube. I hadn't had much experience using spray paint in general and wasn't sure if the product I found was going to work for my needs, so I ordered some colors and began making some test samples, which also gave me a feel for how to handle the spray paint.