St. Joseph’s Hospital


Client: Francis Caufmann Architects

Location: Paterson, NJ, United States

Completion date: 2010

Project Team

Industry Resource

Eventscape Inc.


Francis Cauffman Architects


St. Joseph's Hospital


Part of the hospital’s expansion project, the advanced design of the main lobby symbolizes the advanced care the hospital offers. Eventscape engineered, fabricated and installed the globe feature and 30 x 30 ft. media wall. The 20 ft. diameter globe light feature was composed of 860 individual 6 inch square acrylic cubes. Each colored cube was precisely placed to create a giant glowing globe, complete with all continents and polar caps. The media wall was composed of acrylic cubes set at various depths with interior LED lights programmed with a variety of colors and patterns.


This the focal point of the main entrance to the hospital and symbolizes the advanced care available at the hospital.


The Globe was originally designed as a geodesic sphere of metal framework with a fabric membrane covering. Working closely with architect, Eventscape proposed options to achieve this form using alternative materials and techniques.
The Eventscape design team presented several concepts to meet both budget and aesthetic requirements. The final solution was an intricate structure of 860 6” x 6” acrylic cubes in blue, green and white precisely placed to represent the continents, water and polar caps. Eventscape also designed and engineered a steel suspension grid that would mount directly to the glass atrium dome. Flattening a map of the world and using detailed geometrical calculations, the team determined the precise co-ordinate and color of each cube to achieve the 3 dimensional globe.