St. Joseph Mercy/ Oakland Hospital

Submitted by Monte Nagler



Location: Pontiac, USA

Completion date: 2014

Artwork budget: $25,400

Project Team


Monte Nagler

Monte Nagler Photography, LLC

Art Consultant

Aesthetics, Inc.


Commissioned piece was a 9' x3' Triptych mounted onto sintra with a protective laminate. 56 pieces of framed art were 16″ x 24″. 9 additional pieces of framed art were 30″ x 20″.


They wanted it to be a State of the Art Facility. And be a commitment to healthcare in the community. They wanted to show family/ people connecting. This was the theme for the 5th floor of the hospital.


We designed the commissioned piece and had it approved via the art consultants managing the project. The framed art was selected by the artist from a collection of his photographic images and approved by the art consultants managing the project.

Additional Information

Only Michigan artists were used on this project.