Sprouts - CODAworx



Client: Phoenix Children's Hospital

Location: Phoenix, AZ, United States

Completion date: 2017

Artwork budget: $172,000

Project Team


Creative Machines

Creative Machines


Joe O'Connell

Creative Machines


Sprouts is a series of perforated, curvilinear sculptures that reference the form of a plant shoot or sprout, but at a monumental scale. The field of sculptures creates an abstract yet referential environment that invites people to interact with the piece by moving in and around it.


The subtle perforation is made up of different sized circles, rotated and skewed slightly to provide the illusion of small water droplets hitting the surfaces. Starting at dusk, spotlights mounted on the nearby buildings will shine down on the sculptures; the lights will sparkle through the perforation and at the same time provide a landscape of changing color on the nearby hardscape. During the day, Sprouts’ stainless steel forms will shine in the sun. As people walk around the sculptures, they will experience a slight moiré effect, causing the individual sprouts to almost move. At night, the sculptures come alive. Colorful lighting will wash over the sculptures transforming the artwork. These vibrantly colored lights will cycle through a spectrum of different colors via unique preprogrammed light sequences. The twinkling lights and field of changing colors adds to the sense that you are in a magical environment. Overall, visitors to the piece will be immersed in a strange yet wondrous world that invites them to use their imagination.

Additional Information

9.5’ W x 24’ L x 18’H