SplatBall Wall


Client: Philly Live, Daniel Fine Art

Location: Philadelpha, PA, United States

Completion date: 2021

Artwork budget: $30,000

Project Team

Roark Gourley

Roark Studio

Jon Seeman


Stainless steel gold plated “SplatBalls” 10’ feet high 14’ wide 24” deep ”. This is a wall and floor sculpture that sees to float in space. Foundry cast stainless polished to a mirror finish. We went for a sophisticated and slightly whimsical feel that invites you into the WOW. It is actual designed so you can stand in it and be apart of the sculpture. It reflects you and the environment… you become a part of it.


Designing it so you are invited to become a part of it was the fun part. The sparkle and splats became the WOW. It is in the elevator area so it says goodbye and hello when the doors open and close.


This was one trick pony… all the pieces had to look like they are floating and barely balanced on each other. In fact they are securely fastened together and fit like a puzzle. This was hours of engineering and a very tight execution of connecting parts. Exact plans were made for installation. Everything exact measurements and weight was a major factor for the wall. The really trick part was while all the mechanics were being done… we had to make sure we did not scratch the pieces. Same with the insulation.

Additional Information

This was actually fun but extremely focused. In the end, we pulled if off exactly how we planned it.